Thursday, January 30

Acting Epiphany

I used to leave Aaron Speiser's acting class with these great epiphanies.  Maybe the classes would take me to a dark place in my mind and bring up an onslaught of suppressed emotions.  Those night, I left feeling emotionally and physically drained... but always with a better understanding of who I am and where I come from.  Other classes would leave me over analyzing everything I encountered, from interactions at the supermarket to the peculiar rhythm of brushing my teeth.  On these nights, I left so wide eyed and curious, with an insatiable thirst for experiencing every single facet of life to it's fullest capacity.  Of course, Aaron and his team covered the intention and objective of the scene, figuring out what your character needs and how they are trying to obtain it.  But for me, the classes went so much deeper.  It was as if I was receiving a therapy session while listening to a lecture on sociology and psychology all wrapped up in the fulfillment of an enlightened understanding of the craft of acting.

Acting is such a peculiar profession.  To embody an entirely different persona and live out a entirely scripted scenario based upon this fictional character's back story, habits and circumstances.  All to bring enjoyment to an anonymous audience.  Hmm

Now it has been over a year since I studied at Aaron's studio, and I was ready to try something new.  I chose Doug Warhit's classes for two reasons: proximity to my home and decent reviews.   If Aaron

Friday, January 24

Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken wrapped in Prosciutto - Low Carb!

This recipe is quite simple, but seems rather fancy -- and, more importantly tastes delicious.  Everyone loves chicken, and there are so many possibilities for substitutions (scroll down to the bottom for some ideas!).  This is the perfect meal if you're cooking for one or a dinner party of 10!

What you'll Need:
-4 lean boneless, skinless chicken breast
-4 thick slices of prosciutto
-One white onion, finely chopped
-olive oil
-5-6 pitted dates, chopped
-10 oz herbed goat cheese
-3 fresh garlic cloves, minced
-fresh herbs (all I had was Basil, so that's all I used)
-balsamic reduction

Step one: Heat oven to 400 degrees.  In a skillet, cook onions and garlic in olive oil on medium heat until browned...

Thursday, January 23

20 Signs You Are Addicted to Pinterest

20 signs that you are addicted to Pinterest

"Life isn't measured measured by how many breaths you take, it's measured by how many Pinterest followers you have"

1. Before pinterest, crafting was for elderly women.  Who has time to sit around and crochet a scarf when you could go buy one?  But you just took up knitting. And baking.  And crafting.  And now Pier One Imports has stopped sending you their loyalty emails since it's been so long since you've stepped foot in their store. I mean, why would you when you can make it yourself?

2. You don't even have a boyfriend but you have your entire bridal shower and wedding planned out on your boards. And of course a board with your top 10 favorite engagement rings.  And another with your dresses.  And another just for the wedding flowers. Well and that other one of proposal ideas.  What? Your future boyfriends going to need help, you're just being proactive.

3. You know what your favorite fashion bloggers had for breakfast lunch and dinner, what color their nails are and can recount their full OOTD from shoe to scarf .... but you're not sure if your best friend gave birth yet or not.  Or if your sister is still hanging out at med school. What?  if they really want you to know something, they'll pin it.

4. You have an entire separate closet filled with mason jars, wine corks, buttons, newspaper, yarn, etc.

Tuesday, January 21

Sweet Potato Crunch - Healthy Casserole Idea!

It's winter, and while I do live in sunny California, I still like to indulge in comfort food as if I was snowed in somewhere on the East Coast.

The downside to the winter heat is that I can't hide my extra 'comfort food pounds' under a bulky sweater quite the way I used to in Boston.  Hell, just last week I was sipping fruity cocktails in a

Short Scene for a Workshop or Class - Romantic Drama

Here's another short scene I just wrote to perform for my acting class and perhaps a few casting director workshops.  I often find it difficult choosing a scene from the list - simply for the fact that I know at least 2 actors ahead of me and 2 after will do the same exact scene.  When I used to hold workshops as an agent, there was nothing that made me tune out more than listening to the same exact delivery 3 times in a row.  So, I wrote this quick and easy scene in my own words to give me a leg up against the monotony of overused scenes.  Again, not the best writing and definitely room for improvement, but I love how well a scenario like this resonates with 90% of us.

Feel free to use or adapt this if you too are struggling to find a unique scene that hasn't been overplayed.


Paul, 27, is walking out of the supermarket, carrying a bag of groceries when he bumps into Claire, 26.

Wow! Hi! I can't believe.. it's good to see you!

Wow, Claire.. hi

So, how are you?  What's new? How’s your mom? and brother?  And Rex, oh my God, how is Rex?

Monday, January 20

My Bio for Backpacker Nation!

Less than one month until I'm traveling through Latin America and I figured I'd publish the bio I wrote about myself for the show.. sure it's a little aggrandizing, but who doesn't build themself up once and awhile?!   ...This ones for you Uncle Charlie.  Sam said you were disappointed by my lack of blog activity lately :)

   Chelsea Gilson is synonymous with wanderlust - and lives for adventure and travel.  This acute travel bug started at a young age.  Growing up an only child in the small town of Halifax, Massachusetts she would pour through pictures of exotic places, and of course never miss an episode of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego".  As a kid, she got the best of both worlds; a father who taught her to farm and properly hammer a nail, and a mother who groomed her for pageants and  a love of the arts.  Her parents spoiled her with trips to

Acting class mock scene - Sitcom

A scene I had to write for my new acting class.  Not my best work, but I figured I'd post it for anyone else looking for a quick, fast paced scene.

I'm taking classes with Doug Warhit and he had a valid point when it came to mastering a sitcom character: they are immature and one dimensional.  And that couldn't be more true.  There's almost always a father/daughter or mother/son dependence when it comes to spousal relationships, the characters are almost always neurotic and easily confused, and everyone consistently whines.  I find myself more of a film author with some twists and turns.  But, if sitcom is what is asked of me, sitcom is what I'll deliver. 

EXT. CENTURY CITY.  Erin and Sarah, both 28, stroll casually through the outdoor mall sipping Starbucks lattes.  They are dressed in Lulu Lemon workout gear and fit in perfectly with the quintessential Los Angeles single woman profile. 

...and then, after bearing through nearly two hours of these god awful stories, get this.. he actually took my credit card! And let me pay!!

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