Wednesday, February 13

Valentines Day Quiz: Do I have a keeper!?

Loooooooove is in the air, and I'm smitten with it!   On this day of blissful romance and an abundance of chocolates, I've decided to check my negative vibe and embrace the holiday whole heartedly! (pun totally intended)

Hopefully my dear followers have already determined where their significant others fall short on the douchebag quiz (see two posts ago) and have made the appropriate substitution for their vday plans. 

Now comes my cuter, sweeter and more lovely quiz: 

How to tell you've got a keeper :)

1. He's not opposed to an occasional chick flick.

2. He calls you pretty when your sans makeup.

3. Every once and awhile he really listens when you complain, and stops leaving the seat up.

4. He makes the bed.  Or replenishes the milk if he drinks the last sip.  Or maybe he even changes the toilet paper roll if he uses the last of it.  Whatever it is, its the little things, but they add up. 

5. He lets you complain that your fat, but never forgets to remind you that you're perfect.

6. he's sweet to your friends. And isn't afraid of a little girl gossip if he finds himself surrounded by the chickys.

7. Heck, I'll take that he doesn't completely despise your friends.

8. You've caught him smiling at you. 

9.  He writes something cute in the card he takes forever to pick out. 

10. He isn't afraid to giggle.  

11.  He puts up with you putting -ies on the end of words.  As in "lets go get some eggies i'm huuungray!" doesn't make him scowl at you.

12.  he loves his family.  

13. and he at least puts up with the loonies in your family.

14. He doesn't call you out for needing a glass (bottle) of wine every (night) time you have a hard day at work.

15. He loves animals, and doesn't let a cute pooch go un-pet.

I could obviously keep going forever, and I suppose the list differs for everyone to some degree, but if you've smiled or crinkled your nose at a few of these then you've got what I'm talking about.   When you truly adore someone, just let go, embrace their idiosyncrasies and appreciate their love, it's worth it, I promise. 

Happy Valentines Day love birdies :)  

Tuesday, February 12

Hollywood Hipsters

Alright.  There's something I need to get off my chest. 

I am all for 'hipster' and even dress quite 'hipster-esque' on occasion, but the hollywood hipsters seem to be a tad confused. 

Lets take some lessons from the NY crowd shall we?

1. Hipsters should look like they're not trying - but still pull off sexy.  Its not staring at your closet for 4 hours before bearing your less than fit mid drift, wearing a retched fedora and cutting holes in perfectly good tights.  

2. If you're a guy, there's a fine line between looking 'hip' and looking flamboyantly gay. If you can't fit your credit card in your pants pocket, you've crossed the line. 

3. Mustaches were fun!  but they're going out. Enjoy your last month or two max of mustache inspired fashion statements then let it go.

4. Bandeaus are sexy and can totally turn an outfit hipster chic.  But letting your entire bra show --- or lack of bra show in place of a cute lacy bandeau does not make you a hipster it makes you a whore.

5. On that note, bra-less is sexy.  If you have an a or small b cup.  if not, for god's sake please put them in some kind of holster.  

6. i'm over the glasses for people who have perfect eye sight.  you don't see me walking around with 'statement' braces do you?

7. Sunglasses, plaid, jean tops, high waist shorts, distressed tees and hats are a do. But scarves?  scarves are a must.

8. You can lie all you want and say you only buy vintage and eat vegan.  But for god sakes don't say it while you scarf down in and out wearing an entire Urban Outiffters ensemble that hasn't even hit the sales rack yet.

9. Lastly. You can drone on and on about how you like so and so before it became mainstream, but i neither believe you or care.  I'm too busy filtering pictures of us posing with our cigarettes and frowning at clubs, because we're totally over the scene and cannot wait to get out of here and hit up sayers where the rest of our no name actor friends sit around and denounce celebrities for selling out.


Sunday, February 10

Pre Valentines Day Quiz, "Am I dating a douchebag?"

WAIT! save your money on cologne and chocolates! Take this sure fire pre-valentines day quiz to find out if you're dating a douchebag!

*This quiz has absolutely no reference in any way to my boyfriend.  But he may have been harmed by intense scrutinization. 

If you answer yes to 2 or more of the following, it's time to hop back on tinder and find yourself a new main squeeze.  We've still got 4 days until we're hunkered down in some over priced crammed valentines day hell, which leaves plenty of time to find a new date. 

1. Does he take the window seat?

   1. a. ...the good pillow, the last english muffin, the only clean towel?

2. Does he have more hair products than you?

    2. a. Does his hair stand over two inches in the front?
    2. b. Does he wear flat brim hats with the sticker still on? 
    2. c. What about fedoras? 

3. Does he have a tribal tattoo?
    3. a. what about something spelt wrong?

4. Has he been fired more than once in the last 6 months?
    4. a. was it for sexual harassment? 

5.  Does he live in Hollywood? 

     5. a. What about Providence?

6. Does he hit on your friends?

     6. a. have you caught him hooking up with your friends? 

7.  Do you pay for his protein powder? 

     7. a. And his fresh tints?

8. Is he illiterate? 

      8. a. Does he think its cool that he can't read a paragraph through then paraphrase the meaning? 
      8. a. Does he claim he doesn't like reading, but says he reads Maxim in the bathroom with the door locked because he likes the fun facts?

9. Does he have a catch phrase or word he over-relies on?
     9. a. Is it ligit?
     9. b. bro?

10. Does he reference past sexual conquests? Or suggest threesomes?

     10. a. At dinner?

Wednesday, February 6

More Magazine

I love a good magazine; flipping through every single page, pouring over every editorial shoot, reading every last caption and story.  But lately I haven't been able to get through a single issue of my old favorites.

But then yesterday I stumbled upon More Magazine.  And while the articles are most definitely geared towards a more mature audience, I felt touched and inspired by the material within its binding. Each story held a wisdom that really resonated with me and left me feeling more empowered and less afraid to grow old.

 I often feel like an old soul trapped in a young body.  Don't get me wrong, I still party with the best of them, but at the end of the day I am an extremely reflective and intuitive person.  I enjoy the little things, like gardening or curling up with a good book and some hot tea.  I am passionate about traveling and soul searching and I strive everyday to grow as a person. But growing old? That's a concept I have been hideously afraid of lately. I keep having this panicky feeling that time is running out.  That if I don't make the right decisions right this second, my life will go in the wrong direction and I'll never have the opportunity to reroute it.  Each morning I wake with this urgency to leave a legacy and make something of myself, and each night I go to sleep feeling defeated.  This is perhaps daunting to hear from a 25 year old, but living in Los Angeles in a time of economic uncertainty has taken quite the tole on my psyche.  Growing up an only child I truly believed that if I wanted something, I could have it with enough dedication and hard work.  Over the last few years, this feeling has wavered to the point where I feel like I have missed the boat on a lot of my original dreams.

And this is where I was when I picked up More Mag on the elliptical.  Reading articles about women who were still finding themselves at 40, 50, 60, lifted me from my despair and reinstated my hope and faith.  The cover story with Lauren Graham was a breath of fresh air.  Here is an established actress who didn't 'make it' in her 20s, and even now with all her success at 40, she is still reinventing herself and discovering what she wants from life.  But her story wasn't the only one, each page showcased another successful woman who undoubtedly felt the same passion, and struggle, as I feel today.

This commonality among successful women has never been apparent to me, and that is probably due to the fact that my nose has still been buried in the magazines I enjoyed through college.  I'm ready to cancel my subscription to magazines boasting titles 'makeup tricks that will make him drool'.  I want, and deserve to give myself, More.

Chelsea Gilson, 25
Theatrical Talent Agent
West Hollywood, CA

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