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Monday, April 20

Comparing Plant Based All-in-One Nutritional Protein Powders!

I know I want a plant based all in one nutritional powder.  I know I want it be packed withprotein and vitamins and I know I want it to taste good.  Yet every time I go into whole foods, I stand in their protein aisle with my eyes glazed as I study the back of the nutritional labels.  After a few minutes of not retaining any information, I jut my hand out for Vega one, throw it into the cart, and book it back to the comfort of the garlicky kale and ginger beets. I’ve attempted to rectify the situation from the sanctity of my desk… but all of my online searches were veggieless (see what I did there.  Like fruit-less).  The market is too saturated… there’s just too many choices, it’s impossible to compare!   So I went on a mission to help the common consumer discern between the good the bad and the ‘tastes like fish food’.  I bought individual packets of 8 of what I thought looked like the most promising brands and scrutinized them across the board.   And this is the results.. 

Sunday, March 22

A Guide to Siem Reap, Cambodia

After every trip, no matter the magnitude, my custom is to feverishly scribble down the details of my adventure on the flight home.  I desperately try to recount the sights, the sounds, the tastes of whatever wonderful corner of the earth I have just left.  But with Cambodia? Well, it has just been different. 

I am having difficulty digesting and articulating my time in Cambodia.  On the one hand there is Angkor Wat, which is absolutely mesmerizing in every sense of the word. There are the floating villages, the coconut soups, the vast jungle and the pristine beaches.  On the other hand there is a dark and dirty side of corruption that leaves me squeamish and uncomfortable.  Yet at the end of the day, Cambodia is a place I feel truly grateful for having visited... and one I strongly recommend you move up on your bucket list.  The history of Cambodia is peculiar, the people resilient and the landscape breathtaking... put it all together and you've got a destination worth shaking the piggy bank for.

For most, Cambodia is a stop on a southeast Asia tour for one reason, and one reason alone: Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.  So let's start there, shall we?
 Can you even believe I took this photo on an iphone 5? 

Tuesday, March 17

Maximize the benefits of your 3 day Juice Cleanse!!

I am not a dietician.  Anyone who is considering a juice cleanse should consult with their doctor. 

What started as a fad diet for celebrities has turned into a nationwide phenomenon, with juice bars sprouting up like wildflowers and home juicers flying off the shelves.  And while juicing can promise wonderful health benefits and can jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, it is not for everyone and can even be dangerous if executed incorrectly.  

So before you purge your house of solid foods and start choking down green juice, let's discern between who would benefit from a cleanse and who wouldn't.  

You should refrain from a juice cleanse if: 
-you are diabetic
-you have kidney disease
-you are extremely active
-you are on any heavy medications
-you are under 18
-you are underweight
-you're not willing to give up caffeine and/or alcohol for the 3-5 days of the cleanse

Even if you make my 'do not juice' list, don't fret.  I am simply discouraging you from doing a 3-5 day only juice diet.  I strongly believe that adding juices into your diet is a wonderful way to receive an abundance of essential vitamins for optimal health.  No need to tear up your punch card to Pressed Juicery, I promise! 

Wednesday, March 11

A Bachelorette Party Weekend in Cabo - The Itinerary

A play by play of the perfect* bachelorette party Weekend in Cabo San Lucas!

*Disclaimer: My definition of perfect might be slightly different than yours. Please take itinerary with a grain (or two) of salt... and a lime wedge.  (see what I did there).

12:00 PM.  Hooray! you've hit The Office at the right time and it's two for one margaritas!  Slurp them down with guacamole and arguably the world's best shrimp tacos.

12:15 PM. Holy F-ing Shit.  It's 2 for one margs at The Office and now you've lost all control over your limbs. Keep sunglasses on until further notice.

1:00 PM. While you're demobilized in your chair, expect a visit from the Mexican Rambo.  Don't try to resist his tequila shots.  DO pull away if he tries to steal a kiss.
Note to self.  Refrain from making kissy face when Mexican Rambo does steal kiss.

Saturday, February 28

Visiting Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you're in the business of bucketlist check offs then a trip to Vietnam would be insufficient without a junk boat cruise through Halong Bay.  Sanctioned by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the over 1600 limestone islands jutting up from crystal waters are a preserved homage to mother nature.   

Indochina junk boats will have all you need to know and more. Book a private charter boat (4-10 people) or the 24 suite luxury Dragon Legend (more info below).  I know it seems like a whole lot of travel time just for one night at Halong Bay, but believe me, one night is plenty. Make sure you prebook your boat in advance, as they can fill up quickly.

Monday, February 23

Why you need to spend a weekend in Hanoi, Vietnam

I'm lucky to be able to say that I am well traveled.  I've navigated the narrow alleyways in Marrakech and floated through the islands of Greece.  I've been paragliding in Colombia and scuba diving in Hawaii.  And while I haven't seen it all, I feel relatively unfazed by culture shock.  Yet here I found myself on the other side of the world, covering my head, saying a prayer, and screaming bloody murder while I made a run for it across the bustling streets and I was... well, shocked.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, yet it is far more traditional than the larger, and more cosmopolitan, southern city of Ho Chi Minh. The run down and relaxed Hanoi is often overlooked by tourists as simply a transit to the rice paddies of Sapa or the gorgeous waters of Halong Bay.  And while I'm sure Sapa is great and Halong Bay is stunning, Hanoi's got it's own splendor if you give it a chance.

Hanoi, Vietnam 
Hanoi is magical in a way that only a true nomad can appreciate. The sights, the smells, the food, the absolute chaos, the tranquility... it's all at once miserably overwhelming and perfectly beautiful.  I fell in love with the people and their quickness to laughter. I was enthralled by the history and religion.  And the food? Nothing will ever compare. Hanoi was a city I wanted to return to before I had even left.

Where to Stay
I recommend staying at the Hanoi Elegance in the old quarter.  It is a chain of boutique hotels that offer impeccable service and accommodations for an affordable rate.  Great locations, wonderful staff and an impressive complimentary breakfast spread had me hooked. 

For a five star hotel experience I recommend the Sofitel in the French quarter.  You will not feel any Vietnamese culture here, but you will find this hotel to be a French colonial sanctuary. 

What to Do
I recommend setting up a local tour guide (cost will be around $35/day) with the front desk when you arrive.  Without one, you will not be able to cross the street and therefore stuck exploring only the block that your hotel is located on.  No really, you need to be taught how to cross the street here.  It's pandemonium.  Picture 1 vespa with a family of five clutching on zipping through hundreds of other vespas carrying an equal load of people/random objects (saw someone on the freeway with a 8 foot rug on the back of her bike).  

Start at the Ngoc Son Temple to pay your respects to Confucius and lost loved ones. From here walk along the tranquil Hoan Kiem Lake, keeping your eyes peeled for rare turtle sitings.  
Ngoc Son Temple

Thursday, February 12

Pumpkin Peanut and Almond Butter

Today we are making: PUMPKIN NUT BUTTER

Why mixed nut butter?  Because for me it's more satiating than peanut butter... and thus it lasts 3-4 days in my pantry, instead of 1.  Also, each nut delivers it's own particular makeup of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

Why pumpkin?  Because it's delicious.  Plus a can of low calorie, high fiber, NO fat pumpkin can help break up the calorie dense nut butter.  (= less guilt about scraping the jar clean).

What you will need:

-1/2 cup of unsalted peanuts
-1 cup mixed nuts, roasted in sea salt 
        (rich in fiber, magnesium and zinc!)
-1 can of pumpkin puree 
         (low in calories, high in fiber, great for skin and eye sight)
-1tsp coconut oil
       (helps you burn more fat, medicinal properties)
-1 tsp chia seeds
      (loaded with antioxidants, fiber and protein. High in omega 3s!)
-1 tsp flax seeds
       (high in fiber, b vitamins and omega 3s)
-1 tsp cinnamon 
       (can lower the negative impact of ingestion a high fat meal)
-1/2 tsp nutmeg
       (aids in indigestion relief)
-5 drops of stevia, 1 stevia packet
-1 tsp of agave or honey (more to taste)
- sea salt to taste
        (contains minerals and electrolytes that help you stay hydrated and aid in digestion)

Now What:
Put all ingredients in a high power food processor and puree for 5 minutes, stopping to scrape sides. Move contents to mason jar and enjoy!

Monday, February 9

Avocado Egg Bake

Cut an avocado in half and remove the pit. Deepen the hole with a spoon and crack an egg into the middle. Optional: top with cotija cheese. 

Bake in the oven for 12 minutes at 350 degrees. Top with pepper and garlic. Serve with a side of salsa. Boom. 

carb free, easy yet elegant and delicious.  These avocado egg bakes deliver a healthy dose of protein, MUFAS, minerals and vitamins - making them the perfect diet friendly way to start your day!

A Weekend in Tokyo


Sensoji Temple
   Let's come to terms with one thing before we plan our Tokyo vacation, shall we?  Tokyo is not one of those cities that will ever feel conquerable.  In much the same way that you can't 'do NYC', Tokyo is just too expansive and too innovative to ever feel like you can really cross it off your bucket list just from a short trip.  Bummer, I know, but at least now you can enjoy the land of sushi sans outrageous expectations.  Moving on. 

   Where you stay will depend entirely on what type of traveler you are.  Since traffic is absurd, cabs cost a fortune… and you could suffocate to death on the subway during rush hour…  I suggest choosing a region of the city you prefer first and planning your lodging from there.

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