Saturday, April 26

Bottega Louie, a FIVE STAR review

So you've decided to finally venture to Oz, or downtown LA (both an obscurity in your mind), to cross Bottega Louie off your foodie bucket list have you?  I can nearly guarantee you WILL be disappointed.  Wait, what?!  But Chelsea you gave it five stars!

Hear me out.

Maybe you make the journey to get a box of the coveted macarons.  Oh Em Gee! Are these the best things you have ever eaten!  The salted caramel! You can't believe it!!  But, hell are you disappointed... imagine how good ALL OF THE OTHER desserts must be!  And there are too many to try!!   Disappointed.

Oh no, that's not you.  You came with a plan.  You're here for brunch, and you are taking $100 dollars

Wednesday, April 16

A weekend in Nashville

I will revisit this post later with a more comprehensive review --- but for now here's a brief itinerary of what to do and where to stay on your weekend zip trip to NASHVILLE, TN!

Where to stay:
Opryland Gaylord Hotel -  This is the Disneyworld of Nashville, complete with gondola rides through the inside riverways, 17+ restaurants, and a quaint little village where you can do everything from get a mani to buy overpriced souvenirs.  Situated next to the Grand Ole Opry, an enormous mall and across from the Willie Nelson Museum one would assume that the location is superb, but this is the one downfall with the hotel.  It is quite a drive to the action of Broadway Street and the main heart of Nashville.  That being said, there are shuttles and ample parking.  And you really can't beat the price.  (normally under $200/night, but they are always running special promotions.

If you're keen on staying in the action, opt for the OmniNashville or Hyatt Place.  Try to get as close to Broadway as possible and avoid staying near the Vanderbilt (unless of course that is the purpose of your visit).

What to do: 
1.  You have to see a show at the Grand Ole Opry.  It is imperative.  If you're not a country fan then I'm concerned you chose the wrong weekend vacation destination.  BUT even if you don't love the

Saturday, April 5

Apple Cider Vinegar MIRACLE fixes waxy, greasy hair!

Hi!  WOW, I'm so taken aback by how well this worked, I actually made a video! Watch my first ever video blog to find out how amazing this concoction really is!   Basically, after shampooing, rinse hair with apple cider vinegar & water (optional baking soda to get rid of dry flakey scalpes.. yes dandruff), and massage the mixture into your scalp and let sit for 10 min in the shower.  Rinse it out, don't condition, and style as normal.  You will be amazed by how much body your hair has from the roots and how the ends still feel silky smooth!

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