Monday, September 9

Back to School

I don't necessarily miss college, but I do miss the act of going back to school.

The return to school marks a new beginning.  A fresh start.  Almost like New Years, but even better.  Armed with new summer experiences and memories - you enter each school year a changed person.  Maybe those summer months matured you a bit, leaving you more confident and poised.

New classes, new living situations, new professors.  It is all gloriously refreshing but a bit daunting. Alas, you set your goals, open up your notebooks to a fresh page and sharpen your no. 2 pencils to dive right into the unknown without hesitation.

This September nothing is changing for me.  After going back to my parents house for two weeks, I have kind of lost momentum.  Instead of feeling rejuvenated, I feel a bit out of control of my destiny.  So this fall, I am fixin' to change that.

I will refocus all of my energies on landing a hosting or acting gig that pays the bills. Stick to my diet and stop snacking.    Write the rest of my screenplay.   Network more.   Keep up with my blog.   I will let go of pessimism and clouded thoughts and wake up every single day feeling at peace with myself and the universe I inhabit.

wish me luck.  

Sunday, September 1

Fallin' for Autumn in LA


  Sure the leaves don't change colors and float to the ground in Los Angeles, nor does the air fill with an undeniably clean crispness, but nonetheless fall is still my favorite season.  Can't take the Boston out of the girl I suppose.

  Luckily for Los Angelenos, we are a creative bunch with fantastic imaginations and our fashion and fall activities still reflect the spirit of the season. 

  Fall Fashion is delightful in LA, as you can actually dress simply for the trends, not just for protection from the cooling weather.  This season I am going to dust off my combat boots for another year, check all my favorite tights for holes and hang up my prized scarves.  For new additions, my eyes are peeled for the 2013 falls trends: houndstooth, emerald green, winter white, and perhaps a military inspired jacket.  I love layering, animal prints, soft furs (faux of course), leather pieces and stylish boots.  There is something so refreshing about packing up your flip flops and beach cover ups to make way for boyfriend shoes (I die for Dries Van Noten inspired!) and fierce over the knee heeled boots.  Oh and don't forget a gorgeous winter hat to compliment your houndstooth blazer!

  Albeit the weather can often still classify as 'beach temps', come September we will be migrating back into cozy lounges and clubs.  We will bid farewell for now to the pool parties and bbqs of summer and focus our energies on discovering new hidden gem restaurants and posh watering holes.  Cozy into a dark table at Bar Marmont or journey downtown to experience the views at WP24  or to order a prohibition inspired libation at Edison.  If you are more into bottle service, heart pounding bass, and live djs - well this is your season as well!  Check out who is performing at Sound, Create, Greystone and Emerson, and raise your champagne flutes to "I get a good feeling" without the trampling of tourists or the sweltering heat. 

  With tourist season behind us, we can start to do a bit of site seeing ourselves without being overrun by never ending traffic and lines.  Take a trip to the Getty Museum or even Disney.  Mark off your calendars for Oktoberfest at Alpine Village and Dia de los Muertes at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  Around Halloween make sure to check out the Haunted Hayride at the Hollywood Bowl and, if you are brave, grace the streets of West Hollywood on Oct 13st for one heck of a costume party.

  Of course, it is always sad to see another summer slip away, but with just a slight change of perception, the coming of fall can feel like a blessing. Our calendars are no longer brimming over with bbqs, cookouts, weddings, beach outings, fourth of July festivities, and cramming in every single last drop of summer fun.  We now have room to do a weekend getaway to Palm Springs, Santa Barbara or Pebble Beach.  We can release the stress of maintaining our bikini body and relish in a home cooked pumpkin bread or the magic of layering scarves and jackets. And while we are grateful for the tourist revenue, we can retake the city that we love and truly enjoy it with other like minded locals. At least for now. :)  

Cheers to embracing fall, and doing it gracefully.  I'll be enjoying espresso martinis in a leopard sweater dress until winter if anyone needs me. 


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