Wednesday, December 31

2015 Resolution

Woke up to the sounds of swaying palm trees and the trickling of the pool in a villa on Phuket Island, Thailand for my first day of 2015.  I felt the sun beaming in from the sliding doors, stretched my arms straight overhead and let out a loud exaggerated sigh.  Ahhh, another new year....

In some ways the idea of beginning a new year tugs at my anxiety.  Am I really in my late 20s?  And what the hell am I doing with my life?  On the flip side, the notion of a clean slate energizes me and helps me refocus on who I am and what I really want out of this upside down crazy life I'm living.

So I washed my face, stumbled into the kitchen for some coffee and fruit.  I took a few peculiar euphoria longana fruits and peeled them to their lychee-like soft fruit and enjoyed them by the pool.   I really wanted to indulge in my favorite guilty pleasure: spooning the skippy peanut butter straight of the jar... but I restrained myself.  It's 2015 and I'm going to be in a bathing suit all day for Buddha's sake.  Not to mention I've already gained 6 pounds this trip on ramen, pad thai, curries, and every other heavenly food I've inhaled on my three week southeast asia adventure.  I gathered my self constraint and took my towel to the grass for some quick yoga flow.   2015 I'm so going to own you.

Minutes later I was back in the kitchen to refill my coffee cup ...or at least pretend to.  My coffee wasn't even finished, and I really didn't want any more.  I was there for one thing, and one thing only.  The peanut butter.  My kryptonite.

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