Monday, April 20

Comparing Plant Based All-in-One Nutritional Protein Powders!

I know I want a plant based all in one nutritional powder.  I know I want it be packed withprotein and vitamins and I know I want it to taste good.  Yet every time I go into whole foods, I stand in their protein aisle with my eyes glazed as I study the back of the nutritional labels.  After a few minutes of not retaining any information, I jut my hand out for Vega one, throw it into the cart, and book it back to the comfort of the garlicky kale and ginger beets. I’ve attempted to rectify the situation from the sanctity of my desk… but all of my online searches were veggieless (see what I did there.  Like fruit-less).  The market is too saturated… there’s just too many choices, it’s impossible to compare!   So I went on a mission to help the common consumer discern between the good the bad and the ‘tastes like fish food’.  I bought individual packets of 8 of what I thought looked like the most promising brands and scrutinized them across the board.   And this is the results.. 

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