Saturday, October 25

The Monster Mash Menu - Festive Halloween food!

From spiked hot apple cider to fake fingers in the candy bowl - Halloween parties are an open canvas for creative hosts.  

I've got my second annual Ghoulish Gathering planned for this week, but while I review my favorites from last year, I thought I would share some of my best party food hits.

1.  Pumpkin  Dorito Cheese Ball:   cream cheese based dip of your choice, rolled into a ball then covered in crushed red doritos.  Top with the stem of a green pepper and serve with crackers.

2. Deviled Spider Eggs:  prepare deviled eggs per usual, make spider topping by cutting black pitted olives (I just purchased two cans) in half lengthwise for the body.  Use the other half to cut 6 legs!  Serve 'blood' dipping sauce (Tabasco) with a finger sticking out!

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